Inside Encounters #1- Getting in and Getting on: Industry Pathways

Image courtesy of Sky Arts Ignition/ IdeasTap

On Wednesday 19 September Encounters kicks off a series of masterclasses, panels and workshops that will guide students and upcoming professionals through the pathways of forging a career in cinema. Whether it’s to improve yourself artistically, or to learn how to best use and promote your skills, the festival is rounding up seasoned industry pros to help break it all down.

IdeasTap is an art charity that helps jumpstart careers, offering workshops, mentoring and opportunities. Membership is free and its goal is to support young people looking for work in various creative disciplines. At the festival, IdeasTap will be bringing together independent filmmaker Rob Savage (a BFI Future Film Award winner who directed his first feature Strings at the age of 18), producer Gavin Humphries (Quark Films), Henry Beattie (Acquisitions Consultant, Transmission Films) and Madeleine Probst (Programme Producer, Watershed) to discuss strategies for getting into the industry. The speakers will be mainly guiding us through their personal success stories, but will also focus on what is required to move upwards in their specific fields (directing, production, distribution and exhibition), painting a picture of film industry mechanics.

The National Film and Television School is a hive of talented students. Its alumni have made it to the Oscars, the BAFTAs and the Emmys, and British Film Magazine presented it as being one of the few schools that is very close to guaranteeing a job after graduation. The NFTS is presenting two masterclasses at the festival: Creative Producing and Games and Digital FX. In the first, creative entrepreneurship guidance will come from NFTS Head of Producing Chris Auty (Stealing Beauty, Crash, My Summer of Love), who will give practical advice on how to develop original business models in the creative industries and how to stay up to date with the sudden changes happening in the digital age. During the Games and Digital FX event, Heads of Department Jon Weibren (Games Design and Development) and John Rowe (Digital FX) will be sharing their professional experience and analyzing the foreseeable technological evolutions in these fields.

So come all ye film students and wild at heart creative professionals to feed on the advice of the ones who made it. Then allow your dreams to grow bigger and find your own personal way of reaching your goals.

By Noemi Gunea