INT 6: High fidelity

Today, standing in a line, waiting for a screening, I started looking around, and people were all frantically typing on their smart phones. Typical. INT6, aka High Fidelity dissects a world where virtually anything can be accessed through a screen. I must confess that I also recognised myself in this international selection, in competition tomorrow morning, Friday 20 September, 10am.

Ujratervezes (My Guide), directed by Barnabas Toth

Too many ways of communication could actually destroy it. Do You Know What love Is, clearly shows that there is no moment of our daily life without being on air, doing the laundry, playing music, cooking, taking a shower etc. Originally made for serving you, we slowly became slaves of our electronic devices and highly dependant. They invaded our space until transforming our human relationships, like in Traumfrau (Dream Girl), story of a man in love with Jenny, a silicone doll. Every single short explores different sides of communication: couple, family, work, always through the prism of new technologies. Supposed to make your life easier, or to keep in touch with your relatives and friends, gadgets surrounding us might have an unexpected side effect. The humorous short film from Sweden- Ett enklare liv (A Simpler Life) – reflects on these absurd daily pictures.

by Julie B