Shelley Page’s treasures

‘Shelley Page’s eye candy’ is a selection of the latest animations, which are still undisclosed because they’ve recently been finished by students from the most prestigious schools, or creative production studios.

Shelley Page has been working in the animation world since 1986, and counted Richard Williams and Steven Spielberg as her colleagues. She has credits on over 20 films to date, including Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, Shrek 1-4, Shark Tale, Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda, and How to Train Your Dragon.  She’s is currently Head of International Outreach at DreamWorks.

She personally came to present the treasures she collected all around the world.  She described herself as living in two suitcases.

Cocorico! Many of the animations come from French schools, such as Les Gobelins or SupInfocom Arles and Valenciennes.

A special mention to Treo Fiskur, SupInfocom Valenciennes, transporting the audience to a poetic nordik saga story.

by Julie B

Rollin Wild, Filmakademie Stuttgart