Harmless Kicks and Famous Faces

Beat (dir. by Aneil Karia)

Beat (dir. by Aneil Karia)

Without any intention of undermining the other exceptional British submissions, I feel like I must say a couple of words about the famous faces in the competition: Ben Whishaw and Alan Rickman. Don’t panic, it’s not Perfume Part II!

Beat is directed by Aneil Karia, NFTS graduate. It’s the musical trip of a man who plays with conventions and pushes boundaries, all with youthful energy and anarchic spirit. Dynamic and engaging, it will leave you with a taste for trouble.

Dust is directed by Ben Ockrent and Jake Russell and yes, it features the wonderful Alan Rickman in a rather unexpected role. Tricking the audience into believing they’re watching a serious thriller, Dust delivers a true coup de grace at the end. Seeming pedophile Rickman follows a little girl home and intrudes in her room while her mother is having a bath. He lifts her and looks for the tooth she’d left under the pillow, grinds it and sniffs it. After spacing out on fairy dust, he grows wings and flies away, watched by the amazed and ecstatic little girl.

Two must-sees of the festival — at least for Whishaw’s smile at the end. Such stuff dreams are made of.

By Noemi Gunea