Inside Encounters #3- Music Video Showcase: Bold and Creative!

Metube: August sings Carmen ‘Habanera’ by Daniel Moshel

Encounters introduces a brand new competition category: an international showcase for music videos in partnership with the team behind Soho Shorts. A selection of twenty two video-clips from all over the world offer a thrilling ride through one of the most innovative and ground-breaking genres in the industry. Emerging artists, as well as more established ones like Wax Tailor and Bloc Party have all inspired various interpretations of their music.

Music videos allow directors to play with new techniques, or sharpen their style. This specific field of shorts has produced some of the most iconic short films, such as Michel Gondry’s gems. From animation to movie-like clips, an array of diverse styles are presented on Saturday 21 September at Watershed.

Two legendary French electronic music bands surf the wave of creativity, C2C working with Thomas Tyman for Down
he Road and Vitalic with Romain Chassaing for Fade Away. Going Down the Road on world champion Richie Jackson’s skateboard transports you around a ghost town. In the flow, he bumps into many street obstacles. On another note, Fade Away reaches the point where you’re wondering if this cinematic work was made according to the music, or the other way around. Who kills who, and who will stay alive in the end? Everyone seems to have a target in sight, and always one step ahead.

Some chose animation, among them Jordan Bruner is presenting Tourniquet (Hem). Tired of his wild life, a fox rushes to Brooklyn, hoping for a better destiny. Lost in the urban jungle of anthropomorphic animals, a flying visitor comes to remind him of his primordial instincts. Also using the woods as a starting point, Tony Johnson draws a sort of modern Red Riding Hood’s journey through the dark forest for Marzipan Reindeer (Holly and the Wolf). Escaping many perils with her new wolf friend, Holly ends up partying with a bunch of trashy Christmas elves. What looks like a cute children’s animation reveals itself as something else entirely. Be careful with Fight for Everyone (The Leisure Society) directed by the collective Persistent Peril. A giant blue hand, like a deus ex machina comes and disturbs the quiet flow of life, playing marbles with planets and sending Godzilla hopscotching over cars.

Recurring topics such as the boundaries between reality, dreams, feelings and the wildness of humankind are approached in many ways. Through I Can Make You Love Me (British India), Darcy Prendergast and Seamus Spilsbury make you share a half human- beast’s heartbroken decrepitude. It expresses the drama of the moment when the way you feel inside is visible outside… Quirky and kinky Metube: August sings Carmen ‘Habanera’ depicts what is spinning around inside the head of an old bachelor living with his mum, while he listens to Carmen. A slippery slide leads towards an S&M dance club. Also deserving mentions, Le Mystère  and My Recurring Dream, both explore this ambiguity of a multi-layered reality… or was it a dream? Hard to keep track!

By Julie Boénec