My Encounters Highlights – Rory

At this heady late stage in the festival I feel the need for some reflection, a moment of calm before the crescendo of the awards and the ensuing knees up. I’ve finally managed to catch enough films – in between scribbling, filming and editing – to give a quick rundown of some of my festival highlights. Unfortunately I haven’t even seen half of all the films in competition yet, although between the Inside Encounters team we might just have made it. So without further ado here are my picks so far.

The River’s Lazy Flow

A film with a smart and touching narrative at it’s heart that could easily exist independently of the beautiful, understated animation.


The Inside Encounters team have been raving about Home after catching it at INT 5 and the Documentary Showcase. It’s about a house and a home. Just watch it.

Free World

This otherworldly Estonian gem weaves a mysterious and poignant tale of belonging, cultural change and heritage.

When Everything is Over

The standout film for me in the INT 7: Visions of Modern Europe programme, this film is a snapshot of a resilient Spanish family almost torn apart by desperate poverty.

Flight of the Pompadour

A stylish tribute to rockabilly and adolescence, shot in 16mm and blown up to 35mm for extra cool.

Murder in Junin

An arresting single shot about an unexplained murder.

J.M. Mondésir

An arresting visual poem about a victim of police brutality.

One Easy Boy

Belgian filmmaker Cedric Louis’ illustration is brilliant in his moving story of a boy suffering from a neglectful parentage and a very unusual problem.

Other Films to Mention


Early Birds

Together (Bashk)