Fun facts and small things

Of course figures are important: this year, Encounters proudly counts 2400 shorts and 460 animations submissions. Beyond this “maths”, a festival also lives for and because of the curious audience, the bold impulse of the organisation crew, and the dedicated volunteers.

Gathering ourselves around a common passion creates some exceptional “rencontres” and extraordinary memories. According to the guest office, the highest complaint was about the lack of trash bins in Watershed. So I assume, everyone else has spent a nice festival…even the clever woman whose friend was a philosopher, the filmmaker longing for “Tits”, or the mysterious Monsieur Machin.

I’d especially like to thank Encounters and Jude Lister for organising this New Journalism workshop. Thank you Liz Milner for coping with this crazy international team.   A huge thank for all my fellows for this precious moments !

Seeing the enthusiasm and the creativity buzzing around Encounters, I hope short still have a long life ahead.

See you next year, life is so short!

By Julie Boénec

by Julie Boénec

by Julie Boénec