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“I will always talk about women”


Film focus and interview-exchange with Marie-Elsa Sgualdo. Marie-Elsa Sgualdo presented her four short film at Watershed: Vas-y je t’aime, Bam Tchak (2010), On the beach (2012), Man kann nicht Alles auf einmal tun,… Continue reading

INT 6: High fidelity


Today, standing in a line, waiting for a screening, I started looking around, and people were all frantically typing on their smart phones. Typical. INT6, aka High Fidelity dissects a world where virtually… Continue reading

Shelley Page’s treasures


‘Shelley Page’s eye candy’ is a selection of the latest animations, which are still undisclosed because they’ve recently been finished by students from the most prestigious schools, or creative production studios. Shelley Page… Continue reading