New Film Journalist Team

Lucile Bourliaud

Lucile B

I’m Lucile, and I’m a writer for Encounters 2013. I’ve studied english and cinema in Tours, a small french city with a big art house cinema which basically became my second home. I’ve just spent a year working for the International Short Film Festival in Lille. It allowed me to watch hundreds of films… exciting, and tiring! I love film festivals for their special atmosphere: last year I volunteered in Leeds, this year I went to Annecy and Brussels… Bristol, here I come!

Noemi Gunea

Noemi G

Noemi, 22, I am an actress, originally from Bucharest, Romania. I moved to Paris after I got a BA in Acting and I studied at the most prestigious French acting school, the Conservatoire National de Theatre. I’ve done several short films and the Cannes-awarded “Beyond the hills” by Cristian Mungiu. I write for the Romanian online magazine sub25 and dabble into film journalism as often as possible, because I feel expressing yourself in writing is vital brain exercise. And as much as I love Paris chaos, every once in a while a trip to England is a matter of personal and professional hygiene.

Julie Boénec

Julie B

Hi there ! I’m Julie, 28, from France. I’m going to be a writer for the Inside Encounters Blog. Compulsive writer since times too old for remembering, I started working as a freelance journalist after achieving a Master degree in History and Journalism. European by nature, I have travelled around Europe for 3 years, dropping my suitcase anywhere a good event or festival would happen. It’s like taking a country’s pulse. Here I am in Bristol, first visit. I’m eager to discover new talents, and international pearls. See you around!

Ben Garfield

Me Good!

I’m a London-based freelance film director, writer, self-shooter & editor. My short films have made shortlists, official selections and won awards with Virgin Media Shorts, Sundance Short Film Competition, BFI Future Film Festival, Dave’s Comedy Festival Short Film Competition, The Guardian “Top Picks” for Edinburgh Fringe and Grolsch Film Works Short Film Showcase, while I’ve also made films for clients such as Roundhouse and Hotel Chocolat.

I’m very excited to be part of the New Film Journalism Workshop team at Brief Encounters and look forward to taking full advantage of the opportunities to meet and interview the talented festival team, filmmakers and film-lovers.

To see my films or get in touch please visit my website

Simran Hans

Simran Hans

I’m a freelance writer and editor of online film journal Kubrick on the Guillotine. I’ve written for publications including, Sight & Sound, The Guardian and Manchester’s international centre for contemporary visual art and independent film, Cornerhouse, in an entirely transparent (albeit futile) attempt to meet its celebrity patrons, Helen Mirren and Danny Boyle. I also sat on this year’s Youth Jury at Sheffield Doc/Fest.

You can follow me on Twitter at @heavier_things and visit my blog here.

Emillie Toomela

Emilie T

I certainly do not consider myself a typical journalist or film critic. I have no true passion for criticism as such. My real fascination lies in long conversations, meeting strangers, seeing beauty for what it is and endlessly chasing the feeling of being alive. Writing is my vocation, my tool and my biggest enemy when it strangles me late at night before a deadline! Capturing life in writing is therefore a natural aspiration, which I have begun to realise through being the film editor of an Estonian culture newspaper called Müürileht, as well as doing an MA degree in cultural management at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre.

Anne Oswald

Anne O

I’m a creative multimedia professional based in London. My background is heavily based in photography having worked across various areas of the industry from the social sector and corporate, to travel documentary and NGO work in the developing world. These days i can seen producing content across photo, video, copy, and design, and I identify as more of an all encompassing visual storyteller. This is my first involvement with a film festival specifically and I’m very excited to be a part of the team.

Kulla Laas

Kulla Laas

I’m Kulla, 22, from Estonia and at Encounters 2013 as a photographer. Last spring I finished my BA in photography in the Estonian Academy of Arts and now I’m continuing with my MA studies there. With my studies I’ve been more connected to the contemporary art scene and worked as an artist. But I’ve also had very good connections with the Baltic Film and Media School and done a lot of on-set photography and worked as an artist and assistant. Through this I’ve got more connected to film and now I’ve also worked as voluntary for he Black Nights Film Festival and the Pärnu International Documentary and Anthropology Film Festival as a photographer. I’ll also be the photographer for the upcoming Sleepwalkers International student and short film festival in Estonia and so I’m here to get some good practice as a festival photographer

Maarja Hindoalla

Maarja Hindoalla photo
Hello! I’m Maarja, 21, and I’m a writer for Encounters 2013. I’m from Tartu, Estonia, and currently studying journalism in University of Tartu. I’ve been a reporter for a daily newspaper and kind of a freelance writer for different cultural newspapers and festivals in Estonia. I’m also a program team member and web editor of children and youth film festival Just Film, which is a part of Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival.

Film has been my passion since a very young age. I believe that film and audiovisual arts is the most comprehensive and enchanting from all arts. Film as a medium has the ability to play with fact and fiction and manipulate the viewer the most, swaying from reality to fantasy and blurring the lines between the two. It is possible to get lost in films and that’s what I like the most.

Like books are selected pages of life, films are selected frames of life – the quintessence of life.

Rory Gibson

Rory G crop

My name is Rory, I’m writing and video blogging at Encounters this year. I currently live in London where I work at a marketing and video production company called Impact. I also work as a freelance filmmaker and film writer. I write film reviews for Short Sighted Cinema and Southbank London. On my personal blog I post my film reviews, photography and film work. I’m currently editing a music video for Adrian Roye and the Exiles to be released in October. Looking forward to meeting all sorts of film people over the week in Bristol.

Paul Weedon

Paul Weedon

I’m a freelance journalist and writer based in Bristol who spends most of his time writing about film and American television. I currently write for Clash and Little White Lies and have previously contributed to the likes of HBO, See Film Differently and Grolsch Film Works. My proudest professional moment came two years ago when I helped Judi Dench put her phone on silent during an interview and I still feel that I probably peaked too soon. Should you feel the need, you can follow me on Twitter at @Twotafkap. My website can be found here. (

Merli Antsmaa


I’m an arts manager and project manager from Estonia, currently on my Master studies at the Estonian Academy of Music and theater. I have been organizing and coordinating different events and projects in Estonia, one of these also through the NISI MASA network. I’m a board member of Nisi Masa Estonia and will be helping out with coordination in the workshop.